Workshop…Variety of Activities To develop good health of the body, soul and spirit for you

At Jin Wellbeing County, this phrase “no energy for life” will not be in your dictionary. This is because our expert professionals are determined for you to live happily and meaningfully. We believe that retirees should not stop learning, which is why we have designed and created a variety of activities for you. To inspire you to add energy to your life in the form of individual and group activities to build new social circles and exchange experiences, reduce depression from being stagnant. This adds and returns your life energy, strong in body, soul and spirit everyday.

Art...will heal everything

“Art” is not only a creative activity for recreational purposes, but it can also be used to soothe the soul. Art therapy has practiced for a long time abroad, helping patients physically and mentally. Art therapy has been used in Thailand for over 20 years, but is only known only in inner circles. This type of therapy includes various arts such as music, painting, poetry, sculpting, etc. They are integrated with one another to adjust the balance of the soul and body of the patient. Art therapists work together with doctors to understand the concept of anthroposophy. Together they look for the true origins of the illness and treat the symptoms accordingly through art therapy. Physicians will analyze and diagnose where the patient’s illness starts from (for example, neurological, metabolism) and how it correlates with the illness in our soul. This is used to choose the correct treatment and to start occupational therapy. Benefits of art therapy helps the clients use art in treating their minds and adjusting their lives to develop content and happiness in their lives.

Music therapy…blows away the pain

Music is “mind medicine”. Music has been used as a tool for treatment for many decades. Music helps stimulate almost all areas of the brain, such as auditory (hearing), motor cortex (movement of arms, legs, and face), and limbic system (emotions, feelings, cognition, understanding, and memory).

Benefits of music therapy some examples are that it helps reduce chronic pain, and depression. It helps soothe emotions, is therapeutic for insomnia, and helps balance out emotions. Promotes positive thinking, relaxation from stress, and reduces anxiety. It stimulates, promotes and develops cognitive skill, memory, sensory response, and understanding. Promotes clients to have better concentrating, develop their social, communication, and language skills, as well as reduces muscle tension and pain from various origins.

Meditation Therapy…Remove stress add value to life

Training to breathe correctly and relaxing to reduce stress and worry. Meditation therapy can reduce the heart rate and blood pressure. It helps stimulate the body to work, adjusts the body’s balance and fights off toxins.

Cooking Therapy…To create healthy dishes and to be proud of something

Cooking therapy involves learning and the use of small muscles to finish cooking a dish. This programme includes good food that is nutritional. The course teaches how to cook detox dishes for good health, anti-aging, body balancing, and weight control.

Currently humans in take many toxins from various places that are residual in the body. As a result we become ill easily. Detox’s main pillar, denotes that if our body has a time frame that stops absorbing excess nutrients into the body, and reduces some metabolic chemicals, then it will also reduce toxins producing. During that time frame our body should receive pure air, relax our minds, and avoid any pollution. The body will use this opportunity to purge the excess dioxins or toxins out of the body. However, we cannot just stop eating everything, this is how our detox course came about, created by Leslie Kenton an infamous natural therapist.

As discussed previously, there are many ways to detox, one way is by juice detox. The benefits of juice detox will help the body get rid of sugar, caffeine, excess food and other toxins found in the body, which reduces the body’s metabolism rate. Fresh fruit juice is one way to eat healthily with quick results and is the core of detox, as the body is able to absorb nutirents better in liquid form. The benefits of detox is that it alleviates symptoms of chronic illnesses for example allergies, fatty liver, weight loss, and illnesses that are the cause of chronic inflammation.

Floral Arrangement Therapy

Using our senses and admiring beauty, especially from beautiful flowers. Just one flower or a small bouquet can make you feeling happy and refreshed. “Flowers” are a source of amazing energy from nature. “Floral Arrangements” seamlessly integrates the flowers energy with the energy of the soul of the person creating the arrangement. Just as many say that creating floral arrangements manages the soul to be calm and receptive. The art of floral arrangements, Koringa is one form of therapeutic treatment and Japanese recreation. The word “Koringa” is derived from 3 Kanji letters “Ko” means light, “Rin” means circle, “Ga” means flower. Together these three letters translate into “flowers that bring light of truth”.

Benefits of floral arrangement therapy Floral arrangement therapy is a treatment and recreational activity, that helps soothe the soul. Many people feel relaxed while they are holding and arranging flowers. They can also admire its beauty and wake-up their awareness. This treatment helps promote the body’s energy and soul creating happiness for those who participate in floral arrangement therapy.