Relax your body and face at Medical Spa

Relax yourself with massages and skin treatments for the body and face. Exclusive Jin Wellness head-to-toe treatment is offered. Body…nourish your skin with seaweed extract for deep-tissue treatment that reduces wrinkles and adds clarity and brightness to the skin. A body scrub with natural extracts that helps exfoliate skin cells and also helps with the blood flow which helps with relaxation. Add moisture to your skin with a body mask technique that uses plastic wrap and a heated blanket technique. Face…uplift your face with our brightening exfoliation treatment. Add moisture to your skin with our special formulated facial oil. Restore your skin with our sensitive formula treatment that is suitable for skin with wrinkles. There are also many other therapeutic treatments to choose from, such as, Jin Signature massage, Thai massage, foot reflexology, lymph node treatment, examination alleviation of knee pain, back head and neck massage treatment and youth revitalization massage.

The science of various massage techniques to stimulate and relax the body

Rejuvenating Massage helps improve blood flow, which has been created to be suitable for each individual’s complications. The Traditional Thai Massage that does not use oils but concentrates on stretching the muscles and tendons in the body to send the flow of energy throughout the body which helps with lethargy and rehabilitates the body’s natural state. The Back, Neck & Head Massage helps adjust the flow of bodily functions, and provides relaxation from chronic illnesses. To stimulate blood flow and adjust the body’s energy as well as massage points that trigger body functions, Foot Reflexology will help rebalance the body internal system and boost the body’s natural healing mechanisms though the use of stimulating lymphatic system to be more efficient.