Living at Jin

Your new home, with medical professionals within reach

Living without any hesitation and worries because we have a full medical team with doctor and nurse, sport science specialist or even a nutritionist. We have everything to restore your body, heart and soul to feels more value and happiness.

The resort surrounding by nature and health facilities in the club house to makes you feel more relax and freshness.
Living in the society with a good vibes neighborhood. Our place designed for a walking distance, so you can walk around the venue by yourself without any concerns of accident because we have a team of specialist doctor and nurse.

Jin Residence

Jin Wellbeing County, a first new way of perfect living in Thailand. A solution of valuable lifestyle for a new generation.

Jin Wellbeing County are honor to serve you with a full of understanding, to designed your lifestyle, surrounding by a good atmosphere in a society. Fun and happy with our designed of activity especially for you. Because we gathering all dimensions of living lifestyle in the way you want.


Residential facilities*

  • Social lounge
  • Karaoke room
  • Exercise pool
  • First aid room
  • Multi-purpose room
  • WIFI – Internet

Residential facilities*

  • Jogging track
  • Therapeutic garden
  • Wheelchair path
  • Planting area
  • Outdoor activities space

* Managed by Condominium Juristic person

** Owned and managed by Thonburi Wellbeing Co.,Ltd.ง

Security and Tracking System

We also offer a smart Tracking System which collects residents’ health and lifestyle data to help us design your personalized wellness programs. This system also enables our Emergency Response Team to provide urgent help in situations of emergency, 24 hours a day.

Extra services ***

• Laundry service

• Cleaning service

• Nursing care service

• Shuttle service

• Waste Management

• Meal plan service

• Visa applications

***Remarks: Service charge is applied.

Jin Wellbeing County is a 7-story low-rise residential building. There are total 5 buildings, which are divided into • Cluster 1: 2 buildings (Building 1-AM/ Building 1-C1) • Cluster 2: 3 buildings that are (Building 2-AM/ Building 2-C1/Building 2-D1).

Project developer:

Thonburi Wellbeing Company Limited, a

subsidiary of Thonburi Healthcare Group

Public Company Limited or THG.

Project Type:

7-storey low-rise building

Project sales start:

Cluster 1 And Cluster 2, 5 buildings, and 494 units in total.

Land ownership:

Freehold ownership with deed of each room (Freehold)

Maintenance and service fee:

60-baht/ square meter/ month. * • 1,500 Baht/ person/ month.*

For More Information

CALL 02 078 5777

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