Jin Wellness

Jin Wellness…designed to maintain good wellness for each individual

What is Jin Wellness?

It is the science of anti-aging which is a science that maintains or improves the longevity of the good quality of life…Wellness is to maintain a good quality of life after retirement. The elderly can do things on their own, independently without having to rely on others. Rebalancing the body and mind from the inside out through the use of balancing body, soul and spirit. Wellness is a combination of natural sciences, alternative medicine along with modern medicine. This combination is used to design a programme along with preventive activities as well as deceleration of personal diseases. (Personalized Medicine)

Why Jin Wellness? How is it different from others?

It is Wellness that is within the home. Residents do not have to travel anywhere.
You do not have to live in a dull square room any more. Because, here, you will be in the middle of green area just as if you are outdoors.
You will not have to rush your consultation with doctors since there are not any queues. Here we talk to one another, take care of each other, you are not just a patient, but you are the one person that we must take care of.

Jin Wellness Services


Relax your body and face at Medical Spa.


Jin Wellness Clinic…for the new chapter in life that is strong in Body, Soul and Spirit


Workshop…Variety of Activites To develop good health of the body, soul and spirit for you
Jin Wellness
Jin Wellness