Jin Wellness Clinic…for the new chapter in life that is strong in Body, Soul and Spirit

Have good sustainable health by strengthening and combining energy of the body and soul through the use of holistic care and concentrates on prevention and development of health. Our team of professional experts in various backgrounds that are ready to assist in planning individually tailored health care plan. With the expertise of our team of physicians, state of art technology, and various activities, we provide care under Total Wellness Solution. Collaboration with our team of physicians who provide treatment, research and preventive measures to support good health of the Body-Soul-Spirit. The belief that good health must start from within has influenced the use of combining nature therapy with alternative medicine and modern medicine to create a programme that promotes health from a preventive aspect. Various diseases are also decelerated through the use of various methods such as Alternative Medicine, Intravenous Nutrition Therapy, Facial & Body Treatment, Massage Therapy, and Aesthetic Program.

It is a treatment that treats unwanted symptoms in patients without the use of medicine. Instead, various other sciences are used as well as supplementary nutrition, this is also known as anti-aging science.

Homeopathy is the use of natural remedies, it does not use synthetic drugs. It is a science that uses the ‘like cures like’ approach. It is a remedy that treats the body and soul of the patient. This science can be used to treat various symptoms, from headaches, muscle and joint pain, hay fever, skin allergies, sinus inflammation, asthma, rheumatoid, sleeplessness, lethargy, gastrointestinal disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, stress, depression, attention deficiency, autism, weight loss, weight gain, and various allergies.

Acupuncture is Chinese medical treatment. It can help correct blood flow, shortness of breath, adjust various body organs that are not in balance, stimulate the body’s immune system, and stop pain symptoms. Alleviation of various symptoms from diseases such as, weakness in the arms and legs, headaches, sleeplessness, stress, worry, constipation, diseases in the face area, joint pain from rheumatoid, numbness of the fingertips and toes, cramps, backache, knee pain, osteoarthritis, pinpoint fat reduction, menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, allergies, reduce acne, weight gain, elderly diseases, and health nourishment for all ages.

Jin Wellness Clinic has prepared laboratories ready to diagnose anomalies and the causes in the body. This will allow doctors to use the results to create an efficient treatment and prevention plan. Jin Wellness Clinic is ready to provide numerous lab test services such as evaluate the number of Natural Killer Cells (NK Cell), which is used in allergy treatment and is an alternative treatment for cancer. Screening of vitamin levels in the body, hidden food allergies, genetic disease risks, and carrier status risks are also offered. Our team of expert physicians also provide consultation on deceleration of aging. Intravenous Nutrition Therapy is offered to promote a healthy body, stimulate the immune system and relieve symptoms of allergies, influenza, fatigue, and fatigue from environmental pollution; it will refresh and revitalize your health.

Having a lifestyle that exterts your body and brain everyday, whether it be about work, socializing, or family matters. This affects your body’s entire system, resulting in fatigue, exhaustion, decrease in cognitive processing, feeling weary and worn out.

Intravenous Nutrition Therapy Assists and solves problems easily, with correct procedures according to medical standards. It helps promote the body’s immune system, returning the body to its healthy state. Leaving you to feel rejuvenated and adds better efficiency to blood circulation, making your skin look supple, and bright. Producing good results as a whole.

Stress Release IV Nutrition Adminstering vitamins C, B, and high doses of vitamins from Jin Wellness’s special formula through an intravenous drip, helps improve body’s efficiency, stimulate the body’s immune system. Stops allergies and infection of the respiratory system. This treatment is suitable for atheletes or those who need a quick boost of energy.

High Dose Vitamin C Administering with high doses of vitamin B, and magnesium helps increase anti-dioxidants, stimulate immunity, helps in asthma therapy, dermatological rashes, rashes, fatigue, and muscle pain. It also revitalize and promote the immune system and increase white blood count.

Metabolic Boost Helps fight off dioxins in cells all over the body and is more powerful than the use of other antioxidants. It helps the body eliminate dioxins from cells. Chelate strengthens cells and the body.

Deceleration of skin cell deterioration helps in diminishing wrinkles from sun exposure.

Assists in skin clarity By extracting glutathione and applying it in a usable form, this enhances the skin and helps stimulate glutathione to get rid of toxins in the kidneys faster. This helps strengthen the body, it changes the glutathione to become energy and helps manage dioxins. Free Radicals that are released from the dissolving process of glutathione. This can affect the reduction of sugar in the blood, thus reducing hunger and making it easier to control weight. This is because it stimulates insulin production from the pancreas which helps in digesting and burning sugar into energy. It helps the body control sugar in the blood better.

Helps clean the skin Eliminating impurities from the body, helps in preventing acne outbreaks, and the efficiency of blood circulation to the brain. In return, the skin will receive the essential nutrients it needs. This gives the skin clarity and reduces skin inflammation for those who have skin problems and helps smoothen scars faster. It also reduces migraine symptoms, fight off toxins in the brain area, protect the brain from various diseases and prevent cardio vascular diseases.

Chelation Intravenous administration of liquid vitamins mixed with minerals helps remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and excess calcium that is accumulated and deposited in muscles and artery walls. The body will dispel these impurities through urine. This helps reduce the risk of thrombosis, clots and reduces blemishes, scars, and freckles on the face, making the skin brighter.

Reduce Inflammation administering nutrients intravenously helps relieve inflammation of the body. It also reduces saturated fat and increases unsaturated fat.

Healing Gut Assists in repairing the intestinal wall, relieving chronic intestinal inflammation, protecting the lining of the digestive system, alleviating symptoms of infection, and rehabilitating body muscles.

Liver Detox administering antioxidants intravenously helps in nurturing the liver which will activate with the cells, preventing deterioration of the body and increasing the efficiency of the immune system. This encourages the skin to be brighter and clearer.

Strength Skin, Hair and Nail administering vitamin and nutrients that concentrating on maintaining skin, hair, and nails.

Brain Boosting administrating nutrients to maintain the brain.

Bio Cell Energy / Body Slimming administering vitamins helps the body transform body fat to energy. Suitable for those who want to lose weight. The results show that those who take 2 grams of vitamins daily have an increase in muscle mass and decrease in fat.

Ozone Therapy is a treatment that uses ozone. Medical ozone which is pure and safe, is used to treat diseases and promote good health. It relieves the body from fatigue, stimulates the rehabilitation process of the body, assists in deceleration of cell degeneration. Ozone also helps get rid of various germs, helps cleanse arteries, and stimulates blood circulation.

Energy Boosting is administering supplementary vitamins and promotes cell strength in the body, recuperates the body from fatigue, invigorates, is beneficial to the body.

Good health is not only about the physical body. Looking after the outer physique is important for us to feel good, and be confident. This affects the spirit, uplifting it, feeling cheerful and bright. Be more like yourself and look youthful with our program created by our medical specialists, that are compatible for each individual.

Indiba (Face & Neck) a treatment that helps stimulate collagen production, that firms the face, reduces bags under the eyes, and reduce checks and double chin.

Indiba (Body) this treatment helps firm the body, reduces cellulite, bloating, reduces saturated fat from the body. For example the stomach area, thighs, waist and uplifts the chest area.

Magic Peel (Face) treatment that helps shed dead skin cells, reduce freckles and blemishes from acne. Smoothens and brightens the face.

Magic Peel (Body 1 Part) treatment that sheds dead skin cells, balances and evens out skin tone, making the skin smoother.