A form of treatment which harnesses the power of herbal medicine, homeopathy is yet another non-medicated option that uses the healing qualities gleaned from herbal extracts, minerals and animal based products to treat certain illnesses. These extracts produce similar symptoms to the illness causing the problem and so stimulate the body’s immune system into making a response. For example, utilizing the bark of the Qingdao tree which produces symptoms similar to Malaria can be effective in the treatment of Malaria patients.

Nevertheless, treatments will differ from patient to patient and before prescribing one of these remedies, it is necessary to assess the patient’s personality and temperament as well as the symptoms of the illness.

The symptoms we experience when we are sick are just signs that our body is trying to heal itself. However, homeopathic treatments place importance on both the physical and mental state of the patient, which differ greatly from person to person. Homeopathy does not focus solely on the symptom or symptoms of the illness. Put another way, homeopathy is treatment of the individual, not the illness. With this particular focus on the individual in mind, we therefore offer homeopathy as another aspect of Personalized Medicine available to our patients.


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