Medical spa
Let time pass you by. Relieve the tension in your body and allow your soul to find true peace with our personalized massage therapy from Jin Wellbeing County. Massage therapy is the management of the body’s muscle tissue system – consisting of the muscles themselves, soft muscle tissue and various ligaments and tendons that connect our skeletal system to the various muscle groups – in order to provide recipients with the energy required to lead better quality lives.

Jin Signature Massage
A form of massage therapy that is good for overall health and which does not damage the skin. This massage also helps to relieve stress and reduce muscle inflammation by combining Thai and other Asian methods in Jin Wellbeing County’s unique package. Soothing scented oils are also used to aid relaxation, stimulate blood flow and effectively reduce stress.

Rejuvenating Massage
Another form of massage that promotes good health without damaging the skin, this massage offers deep cleansing for the skin while stimulating the collagen underneath the skin, improving circulation and helping to completely rejuvenate the patient’s overall skin condition.

Blend to Bliss Massage
An integrated massage technique that utilizes scented oils to ease tired muscles. The scented oils have soothing properties that leave you feeling refreshed and physically balanced.

Thai Traditional Massage
The famed Thai traditional massage is something that everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. Thai massage has influences from Indian and Chinese medicine, combining muscle stretching with pressure point techniques. The massage takes place on a special mattress and the recipient is given comfortable massage attire to wear. The massage technique significantly reduces muscle fatigue and joint pain as well as relieving any ligament or tendon tightness.

Abhyanga Massage
A soft, rhythmic and tender form of massage that incorporates warm oils and herbs, the Abhyanga massage focuses on pressure points to release energy or aid respiration across various parts of the body. The technique also improves circulation which helps to force out any toxins from the body, leaving the recipient feeling refreshed, energized and relaxed at the same time as improving his or her immune system strength and creating physical equilibrium.


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