Thonburi Burana Hospital*
is a part of the Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG) network, the Rehabilitation Hospital is a leading center for geriatric health care in Thailand. Providing a complete range of geriatric health care services, the hospital specializes in the care, treatment and rehabilitation of elderly patients with a focus on the promotion of good health and the prevention of illness in both the short- and long-term. The hospital is staffed by a dedicated and highly experienced team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and multidisciplinary professionals with expertise in various fields of geriatric care and supported by a full range of medical equipment. Always on hand to provide prompt assistance when required, our medical team is committed to implementing and maintaining international standard care within the hospital to ensure that all patients receive the care and attention they need to improve their quality of life. We are fully prepared to offer our services to the ones you love with understanding, safety and kindness in mind. Think of us as an extension of your family. The hospital consists of the following departments:


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